Crazy Shooter

Crazy Shooter


In Crazy Shooter, it's time to add homicide to the list! Nothing can stop you! You're at the top of your game. So, just get your gun and shoot them up! Keep going until the threat is eliminated. Are you ready to clear the building of enemy soldiers?Welcome, soldier, to the place where failure is not an option. Tonight, leave your conscience at the door and unleash your inner beast. Only then can you succeed and kill your enemies in cold blood. Do you see that building filled with enemy soldiers? Your objective is to clear the building by shooting the soldiers and complete all the levels. Before starting a level, you can choose a gun and also armor to customize your appearance. Then we can start the game. You can see your foes standing in the open windows at the other building. Click on them repeatedly to shoot your foes. But beware! They will also shoot at you. That's why it's important to change your position to avoid the bullets. Click on the other window

How to Play

Tap To Play.