Nitro Knights

Nitro Knights


It's time to become one of the Nitro Knights and head into the battlefield. However, this time the battle will take place in a very different place, the space! Welcome to the future, hero! Do you think you have what it takes to live through this day?You are a knight in your shining armor. Hop into your hovercraft and lance your way to victory! The invention of the time machine has allowed us to take medieval knights and transport them to the future. If you think you are ready for this brawl, let us tell you the rules. There are many levels you need to complete. At each level, your objective is going to change. You may need to collect ducats or eliminate enemies to pass a level. Collecting ducats will help you unlock new colors for your hovercraft. However, collecting them won't be that easy because the battlefield is full of other players with the same goal. Use your mouse to aim your lance at them and kill them. After they die, you can collect the ducats t

How to Play

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